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When outside air temperature differs significantly from the inside air temperature, a great deal of energy will be lost through natural ventilation. With a Heat Recovery Ventilation system, the fresh air supplied to your living spaces will be pre-warmed to virtually the current temperature of your house.
Most ventilation manufacturers recommend that filters be changed at least once a year, but this is subject to where you live and the conditions of air quality around your home. If you live in a town or city or beside a busy road, air pollution tends to be greater so your ventilation filters will need to be changed more often.
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Welcome to Munster HRV

Based outside Cashel in Co. Tipperary, we supply all types of ventilation products throughout Ireland and the UK.

A Heat recovery ventilation system is one of the main components of building an energy efficient home.  A HRV system will recover up to 90 percent of the heat leaving your building, supplying constant fresh air that produces a healthier and more comfortable indoor climate. The cost of installing a Heat Recovery System will vary depending on house size and space available - Please click here to read more.

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